Movie Review -WALL-E  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Rated: U, Run Time:105mins
Genre: Comedy, Family, Romance, Science Fiction

Cast: Jeff Garlin, Benjamin Burtt, Fred Willard.
Director: Andrew Stanton

What It's About

It tells the tale of a robot left behind to clean up Earth while the human race bides its time in space, waiting for machines to fix the mess they've left behind. The year is 2700, Earth is no longer habitable due to excessive garbage and polution. Human now have to live in outer-space and the government implements robots WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) to collect and dipose garbage. For hundreds of years, WALL-E has been taking out the trash, and collecting precious knick-knacks in order to stave off the boredom of his dreary routine. Little does WALL-E realize that he has recently stumbled onto a secret that could save planet Earth, and once again make the ravaged planet safe for all humankind.

When highly advanced search robot EVE makes friends with WALL-E and realizes the value of his remarkable discovery, she excitedly races back to let the humans know that there's hope for their home planet after all. But after centuries alone in space, WALL-E can't stand the thought of losing the only friend he's ever known, and eagerly follows her into the deepest reaches of space on the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, the friendly trash-collecting robot who has always known what he was made for gradually begins to understand what he was meant for.

My Intake

I watched this movie last Sunday (17 Aug'08) and I reaaaaaaaaaally love it! Although it has very "little to say" (you'll know what I mean when you watch the movie ;)), but it manages to convey the message. It is a very, very sweet with light-hearted humour. You will find yourself feeling good, smiling, uplifted and in high-spirit when you left the cinema. Trust me, you will like it. I would 110% recommend it. :) Bring your girlfriend / boyfriend, friends & your whole family to see this movie! The children -they simply love it, I can hear them shrieking with laughter in the movie, and they keep imitating WALL-E speech. Heh. Very cute!

Oh, I will only not recommend it to a cynical & bitter person, who don't know how to enjoy themselves. Heh.
I'm giving this movie

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