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Posted by Wanie Idayu

The sole purpose of me joining Celebrity Fitness is for it's Capoeira Class. I have searched high & low and there are no other gym in Malaysia who actually offers Capoeira. For those of you who don't know, Capoeira in short is a Brasilian combination of dance & martial arts. It is a mixture of live musical instrumentation and voice, body and soul, rythmic and grounded movements (dancing & fighting), and intellectual exercise of strategy (using cleverness and suprise). OK that's a bit complicated, we just leave it @Brasilian combination of dance & martial arts then :) Hehe.

And what awaits me in the capoeira class is to my heart's delight ;) Here is my motivation to the Capoeira Class -our instructor Mr Harrison Jub or Harry or sometimes I so fondly called him Uncle Harry ;) Little that I know he is quite famous (in Malaysia that is. I don't know if he's famous somewhere else). Well I don't actually know if he is famous per say, but if you check out his website Harry Fitness you'll know what I mean.

Apparently he has appeared in numerous Fitness and Exercise TV Programs, Health Magazines, Fitness Magazines, Exercises Magazines, Commercial Banners, Fitness and Exercise Books, Commercial Magazines and Books; and hold lots and lots of titles:

Asia Pacific
Asia-Pacific Ironman International 2006/2007
Mr. Physique Ironman 2006/2007
Asia-Pacific International FitnessMan Champion 2005/2006
National FitnessMan Champion 2004/2005
National Hottest Hunks 2004/2005
Mr. Fitness 2003/2004/2005
Mr. Physique 2003/2004/2005
Mr. Hospitality 2004/2005
Capoeira Fitness Champion 2002/2003/2004
Junior Formado Capoeira Tournament Champion 2001/2002
Junior Body Building 1999/2000

World Tours

Capoeira Fitness Workshop Brazil, London, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore,
Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan

Yoga Wellness & Fitness WorkshopMalaysia, Thailand, India, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan

World Fitness & Capoeira CampBrazil, London, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Hungary, Taiwan, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, United State

Fitness Convention Malaysia, Australia, London, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil

Fitness FestivalSpain, Brazil, Italy, London, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia

Junior Capoeira Champion 1999/2000 , Junior Capoeira Fitness 1999/2000

Harry's Associates
Presenter of International Fitness Federation, Hungary
Presenter of World Fitness Federation, USA
Associate of World Capoeira Brasileira, Brazil
Associate of Grupo Capoeira Brasil, USA
Associate of International Power Yoga, USA
Associate of Yoga Alliance, USA
Associate of Ashtanga Yoga School, India

For more information on Harry and his specialization, or you need tips on how to achieve and maintain a great body, or any other fitness / health advise; please visit Harry's website Harry Fitness.

Am I promoting the Capoeira Class or Harry now? Haha. Anyway, to me the credibility of an instructor is an important criteria for there's no use of having a pretty face for an instructor BUT he's teaching crap or can bore us to death :P Well, maybe they won't teach us crap coz I'm sure the a reputable fitness such as Celebrity Fitness will do a background check on their instructors before employing thhem, but believe me I met a few who actually bore the hell out of me. Hehe.

Here are some of our Capoeira gang in Celebrity Fitness Subang Parade

I couldn't managed to get the photos of all of them so we're gonna have to make do with only a few for now. I'll add them on from time to time. :) We are quite a tight group and I feel so happy to be able to be a part of this group even though apparently they have been joining for years now.
Anyway last Saturday (16 Aug'08) we have a Capoeira Workshop with Prof Chumbinho, our maistre from HK. But I couldn't write about that yet 'cause I did not have photos for that. (Hint, hint. Harry if you read this, please provide me some photos! Huhu ;)). So stay in tune for the report on that workshop.

So anyways, anyways, ladies & gentlemen.. If you're still looking for a place fun & friendly place to workout, head on to! (wahhh.. I should be getting paid for the promotion!). And hope to see you guys in our Capoeira Group! Until then... Adeus e cuidar!!

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I think sifu Harry got to give u some commission already. C how good u comment n well introduce his capoeira class....
There is more photo in his website during our capoeira workshop 2007.
If i am not mistaken, i am the pioneer batch of his student (he might not remember). That time only 3 people in the class... i loved it immediately after attending the class. I remembered sawing some "road performer" doing some martial art during my trip to Switzerland few years back, clicked to it immediately. Wondering if I could do that. That's y I attended the class since it started. But shy to say my stunt is so so only........

Wow... haha...

i strongly agree with you wanie. Capoeira is really fun. hope that more people join us~

btw~ how much harry or celebrity fitness pay u? ^_^

Hi Gang!! Thanks for the good review encouragement. Hope a lotmore of leng chais & leng luis in our class so that we got more motivated!! :D