Raya Speed Traps Location (Prediction)  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

This is posted to me by MataHati Bangsa of Facebook for all of your reference. Useful when going back to hometown time...or going anywhere for that matter. Just press Ctrl F and type in your location / state to check, if you don't want to go through the whole list. :)

Raya Speed Traps Location

PLUS North Bound
*Under a bridge at about 456km, Sg Buloh junction.
*Under a bridge at about 459km, Bukit Lanjan interchange.
*Under the overhead restaurant at Sg Buloh.
*Under the last bridge before Sg Besi toll at 309.2km.
*Under the bridge at 296.5km, Bangi junction.
*Under the newly constructed bridge at 289.0km, after Nilai North junction.
*Under the bridge at 286.5km, Nilai North junction.

PLUS South Bound
*Below signboard at about 454.6km and 455.2km, Sg Buloh layby.
*Under the bridge after Subang junction at 11.3km.
*Under the bridge at 22km, Bukit Lanjan junction.
*Under the bridge before Mint hotel, Sg Besi Toll. 80km/h only!
*Under the bridge at 302.8km, Kajang junction.
*About 1km south of Bangi junction, both south and north bound outer lanes* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*At 296.5km and 297km, Bangi junction.
*Under the newly constructed bridge at 289.0km, before Nilai North junction.
*At 285.5km and 285.8km, Nilai North junction.
*On center divider at 251.8km and 253km after Senawang junction.
*After Alor Gajah junction at 213.9km, next to water theme park.
*Behind the right hand crash barrier at 198.4km.

Elite Central Link East/North Bound
*On left hand side at 4.8km after Batu Tiga/Shah Alam exit
*Under the overhead restaurant at USJ/Hicom junction about 8.5km. 90km/h zone!
*Below the bridge before USJ/Hicom junction at 10.5km.

Elite Central Link West/South Bound
*Under the overhead restaurant at USJ/Hicom junction about 8.5km. 90km/h zone!
*Below the bridge before USJ/Hicom junction at 10.5km.
*After exit from KLIA toll to the airport, below Jalan Pekeliling flyover. 90km/h

NKVE East/North Bound
*300m before Jalan Duta toll, 60km/h!
*Behind crash barrier on the left when going towards Jalan Duta toll, at 24.9km, 80km/h!
*Below bridge at Damansara Junction, 17.5km

NKVE West/South Bound
*Behind crash barrier on the left when leaving Jalan Duta toll from KL, at 25.3 km and 25.7km, 80km/h!
*From Jln Duta, below the bridge, 23km, 80km/h zone!
*From Jln Duta, at the underpass at Sg Buloh Y-junction, 22km.
*Behind crash barrier at Damansara Junction, 17.7km and 16.8km
*Below railway bridge at 11.2km
*Under the bridge at Shah Alam junction.

Kesas East Bound
*Under the bridge at 44.8km, downhill run after Puchong junction.

Kesas West Bound
*At Sg Besi side of East Bound Toll. Kuala LumpurCity
*Jalan Duta; below the flyover at the Damansara junction, 70km/h zone.

*Dual carriageway between Klang and Port Klang. Towards Klang direction, at about 13km mile stone. 70km/h only!

East Coast
*Road sign at Karak highway is inadequate especially at Y junction; if you are unfamilar, go slow.
*East bound, downhill run after Raub junction.
*Maran, 60km/h zone.
*Paya Bungor, 70km/h zone.

South Bound
*Tangkak junction.
*Under the bridge after Yong Peng

North junction
*at 97.3km.
*Ayer Hitam junction.
*Sedenak junction.

North Bound
*Around Ayer Hitam in 60km/h zone.
*Before Perwaja Steel.
*Sg Petani junction.
*Between Seberang Jaya junction and Sg Dua Toll.
*PenangBridgeat island end.Speed limit 80km/h.
South Bound
*PenangBridgeisland end. Speed limit 80km/h.
*About 2km before Juru Toll Speed limit 90km/h.

North Bound
*Under the bridge at 197..1km and 198.8km, after
Kamunting Junction.
*Under the bridge at 204.3km, after Kamunting
*Under the bridge at 208km, before Kamunting Junction.
*Under the bridge at 214.8km, before Kamunting
*Ipoh Vista Point at about 263km. Speed limit 80km/h.
*Under the bridge at 271km, Ipoh North Junction.
*Under the bridge at 274..4km, Ipoh South Junction.
*Under the bridge at 286.9km, Simpang Pulai Junction.
*Under the bridge at 296km, Gopeng Junction.
*Under the bridge at 352.6km, after Sungkai Junction.
*Under the bridge at 353km, Sungkai Junction.
*Under the bridge at 373km, Slim River Junction.
South Bound
*Under the bridge at 199km, before Kamunting junction.
*Under the bridge at 241.9km, at Kalau Kangsar
*Under the sign post at 296.1km, before Gopeng
*Under the bridge at 297km, at Gopeng Junction.
*Under the bridge at 300km, after Gopeng junction.
*Under the bridge at 308.6km, after Gopeng junction.
*Under the bridge at 372.6km, at SlimRiverjunction.


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Don't Gain Weight During Raya Season! Yiikkkess!!  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Puasa time is the time where people cut down on food (though some of us really "balas dendam" when break-fast :p) and lose weight and stay slim and trim. But once Hari Raya comes along, everything goes out the window! Don't let your effort goes to waste. Here are some pointers on how not to "over-indulge", or "over-eat" during Raya time especially during open houses.

Tip# 1 Eat First. Never ever go to an open house with an empty stomach

Tip# 2 Use Small Plate. The smaller the plate, the less food you can take!

Tip# 3 Choose Wisely. You don't have to cut out all your favourite "kuihs" and "ketupat", just take smaller portions! (With Tip# 2 Bearing in mind of course ;))

Tip# 4 Chew Slowly. Don't rush, savour the flavour and pause between bites

Tip# 5 Keep Moving! Remember to exercise during this festive season!

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Slim Down By Eating Healthy  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

I found this article in Malaysian Today and think that it's very useful, it made sense and not so hard to follow. While some of us are very lucky to have a high metabolic rate, most of us -not so much. So, try these tips for a healthier you.

Most of us want to be healthier but it seems to be too difficult. There's no time to go to the gym, you have no time to eat proper meals, etc. Well, improving on your habits is a great way to be healthier and suprisingly enough, it's pretty simple.

People dine out pretty often and he portions in restaurants are getting bigger and bigger! Try to cut down on the portion by sharing with a friend or by always ordering a small portion instead of the bigger one. And although it would only cost RM1 for a bigger portion, DON'T order it . You'll be doing your health and your waistline big favours.

Drink lots of water. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go and you'll find yourself drinking more. Water would be best. And you'll find yourself not getting hungry as quickly as you usually do as the water would fill you up

Eating high-fibre foods will fill you up for longer. Try eating as much low-fat and high-fibre foods that are low in calories but will leave you feeling full. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are great sources of these. They are also healthy and provide you with essential nutrients.

People who start the day with breakfast have higher energy levels than those who don't. It also helps that you don't get too hungry before lunchtime. Have a healthy breakfast of cereal and or fruits and you wouldn't gorge yourself during lunch.

Don't buy snacks if you can help it and try not to snack while watching TV. It is easy to finish a packet of chips while watching your favourite show without you even realising it. Keep healthy snacks in your fridge. Try snacking on fruits instead of chips.

Include more dairy in your diet to increase your calcium intake. This will help strengthen your bones and also reduce blood pressure. Drink more milk, have yogurt, cheese (but not too much) and other calcium-fortified drinks and foods.

You can actually save some money and also be healthier by bringing your own lunch. Sometimes, we just get so busy that skipping lunch just seems easier. Try making your own sandwich and bring a fruit along for dessert. With your healthy alternative, you won't need to go without lunch and ou won't also be tempted to buy that packet of fattening chips / chocolate! ;)

Wanie Idayu: Happy Trying and Good Luck!!

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Malaysian Taxis Voted 'World's Worst'?  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Malaysia's 'worst in the world' taxis tarnish national image

Reads the headline of Regional - MSN Malaysia News - News for today, 18 September 2008. It reported that in a survey by the local magazine The Expat, some 200 foreigners from 30 countries rated Malaysia the worst among 23 countries in terms of taxi quality, courtesy, availability and expertise. There are complains all over from tourists (not to mention locales) that the taxi drivers refused to use the meter, overcharge and pick-and-choose which destinations they will travel to. There's once where a tourist was charges RM260 for a trip from KLIA to KL!! Now this is really too much.

My personal experience came from taxis in Subang Jaya area. If you take a cab from Carrefour to Sunway Pyramid they will charge you a flat rate of RM8 even though it's a teensy weensy distance. And from Carrefour to Old Klang Road / SS2 PJ, they will charge a flat rate of RM15 although it only took 5 minutes using LDP from Subang Jaya to Old Klang Road. Paying for the toll is fine, but all in all I don't think it should came out more than RM10 or even RM8 for that matter, including the toll. This is in broad daylight, mind you and not the after midnight charges. Me being hot and tired, just agreeing while grumbling all the way. Did I protested? Of course I did! But guess what -all of the other taxis there took the same rate! Believe me, I've asked. Suprisingly (or not so suprising to some of you), all of them have some sort of "United CabFare Agreement for Subang Jaya". So there you go.

Anyway, I can't say that this news is a shock for me, but to have people from other countries pointing this out, voted us as the worst and reported it as news headline is downright embarassing. Somebody have to do something about it. In fact, a lot of bodies have to do something about it -like tightening the rules, do random checking in the complained area -like going undercover or something to investigate, and suspending the license of the offender for a period of time; those kind of things. (See? I'm not only complaining, I also give suggestions). I'm sure a lot of us has file in complains or even SMS to the number at the back of the taxi / cab, but are there any actions taken? I wonder... *Sigh

Read the headline news here http://news.my.msn.com/regional/article.aspx?cp-documentid=1682892

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Get Your Fuel Cash Rebates @MYEG  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Vehicle owners can now claim their fuel cash rebates through e-government services concessionare, MY E.G. Services Sdn. Bhd. (MYEG), at its online portal
MYEG executive Datuk Dr Norraesah Mohamad said Pos Malaysia Bhd would verify claims before making payments to vehicle owners through money orders within seven working days, or credit the status of of their fuel cash rebates at any time through MYEG portal. Eligible vehicle owners could now renew their road tax and submit fuel cash rebates claims simultineously using the online channel. The new service was an extension of its newly launched online road tax renewal service in April.

Wanie Idayu: No more long ques / waits in post office. Hooraaayyy!!!

Source: The Star & Personal Money

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Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

The evergreen topic -Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?

Oprah & Friends XM Radio host Rabbi Shmuley Boteach talks about the ground rules for platonic relationships between men and women.

Can men and women be "just friends," or is sexual attraction between the sexes always inevitable? According to Rabbi Shmuley, men and women can be friends with members of the opposite sex, as long as they follow certain rules. He talks about platonic friendship between the sexes and shares his ground rules for opposite-sex friendships outside of marriage.

If a person isn't married, Rabbi Shmuley says it's perfectly all right to have friends who are members of the opposite sex. Society has moved away from polarizing the sexes, and today, men and women work together, go to school together and should be able to be friends, he says.

Things are different if you are married, Rabbi Shmuley says. It is possible to have an opposite sex friendship, but you cannot compromise certain borders:

(1) You can't go out to late night dinners together. You can have lunch together in a public place, but you should not order alcoholic beverages. "The embers of attraction really can grow in situations like that, and suddenly it's not so innocent, it's not just friendship anymore," Rabbi Shmuley says.

(2) You can't take long drives or long flights with the other person, even if it's for work. "Even if you have to work with a colleague [of the opposite sex], there are still certain boundaries you need to preserve," he says.

(3) You cannot place yourself in any situation where romance can grow. "Romance grows when people are alone; romance grows when people tell secrets," Rabbi Shmuley says.

(4) You can't share secrets with a platonic male or female friend that you don't share with your spouse. "Because then you're sharing an exclusivity with a member of the opposite sex that you're not with your partner, and that can lead to a big no-no," he says.

(5) You should not be friends with ex-lovers.

Wanie Idayu: Any other rules to add-in? ;)

Source: Oprah.com

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4 Steps To Be Free From Debts  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Not to say that I am free from debt now, but at least I have no more credit card outstanding and I don't own any credit card now. Hoorayy!!! It's not easy, it takes a lot of discipline and starving (*sigh...) and saving.. So to get yourself free from debt, better start now. It's never too late! Better late than never... ;)

Step 1: Find Out How Much Are You In Debt
You may think that this is an obvious thing but don't be suprised, most people do not know how much debt they have. Do you? To get yourself on the road of repayment, it's crucial to know how much debt you're carrying and @what interest rate. Only then you can plan your financial

Step 2: Put Aside RM10 A Day
If you put RM10 a day towards your debt rather than spending it on fancy cups of coffee, cigarettes, bottled water or fast food, in 1 year you have put aside approx. RM3650 towards your debt!!! Now do you still think that RM10 won't make a difference? Think again! You can pay off a credit card debt of RM8K in just 3 years with only RM10 a day!!!

Step 3: Pay More Than Minimum Payment
Of course credit card card company would like you to pay the minimum payment... So they can squeeze a lot more profit from you!!
If you have RM8K of credit cards debt & you only pay RM160/month, you can only clear up your debts in 30 years time. By applying the RM10/day method, you can be debt free in just 3 years!! 30 years & 3 years is a whole lot of difference huh? So stick with the RM10/day Plan ok??

Step 4: Stop Using Your Credit Card
The obvious solution. Stop use, Stop Accumulating Debt. So there.

Any questions friends??? ;)

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Pointers For A Good Conversation  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Tongue-tied? Want to show your date that you’re a keeper? Utter a few of these key phrases to make your sweetie melt... and no, one of them is not “You look great tonight”! ;)

Key phrase #1: “Tell me more about it”
Congratulations, you two have graduated beyond small talk and have delved into a meatier topic—namely, a problem she’s struggling with at work or in some other area of her life. You, in a sincere effort to be helpful, offer her a solution. Suddenly, that bonding moment you two were carefully cultivating freezes over as your date icily says, “Well, it’s not that easy...” What happened? In short, you gave unsolicited advice, an all-too-common conversational faux pas—especially for men, who are often accused of trying to “fix” women’s problems. Both genders, however, should take care to hold their tongue at any point they’re tempted to offer a solution. Instead, encourage your date to keep talking by saying, “Tell me more about it.”

Tip: Stop trying to fix your date’s problems; instead, encourage them to vent.

I’m not saying you should never share your brilliant ideas; just be sure to give them space to vent for awhile. Then — and this is crucial — ask for their permission with, “Would you like my advice?” If you’ve given your date ample time to get things off their chest, they’ll be more than happy to listen.

Key phrase #2: “What are the reasons for your opinion?”
Oh, no: Your date’s in favor of the war in Iraq. You, on the other hand, have marched in every peace protest within a hundred-mile radius of your hometown. I'm not saying you two are doomed; in fact, butting heads a bit is a great way to get to know each other, not to mention make some sparks fly. So by all means share your opinion—just do so after you’ve asked your date theirs with a diplomatic “What are the reasons for your opinion?” This, my friends, is the difference between an engaging conversation and an instant turn-off.

Key phrase #3: “I never thought of it that way”
Want to make your date’s day? That’s simple: After they’ve explained their viewpoint on anything from a current event to a celeb’s odd behavior, ponder the comment and say, “I never thought of it that way.” Saying this doesn’t mean you think your date is a genius, it merely shows that you’re being influenced by their thoughts and opinions. And once someone senses that you respect their ideas, the ensuing ego boost will keep them coming back for more. (Note: This comment works wonders when combined with key phrase #2.)

Key phrase #4: “That must have upset you”
One moment, the person sitting across from you is ranting non-stop about how her younger brother borrowed her car and totaled it while speeding. But the minute you try to jump on the bashing bandwagon by saying “Your brother sure sounds like a loose cannon!” or some such, your date suddenly makes an about-face and says, “Actually, my brother has his flaws but he is a great guy. I’m sure you weren’t perfect when you were 22, either.” Is your date schizo? Hardly. The real problem is, you took sides—and insulted someone your date cares for deeply, in spite of the occasional gripes they might have. Stay neutral and say something sympathetic like “That must have upset you,” or “I can understand how that would annoy you.” This way, you show compassion and empathy without hitting any landmines.

Key phrase #5: “How did it go?”
Sooner or later, your date may mention an upcoming event that’s important to them, whether it’s a third-round job interview, a granddad’s triple-bypass operation, or a best friend’s wedding. Take note when you hear them, since they will turn into prime opportunities to show your date you were listening later with a “So how did that interview/surgery/wedding go?” While it may seem obvious to follow up on occurrences like this, they are easy to forget, especially if they’re not of life-and-death magnitude. Or, your date may soon squander your chance by volunteering the information with a “So my interview went well...” Bottom line is, dates do like to be asked about things they’ve mentioned to you already—make a point of ponying up as soon as you see them and they’ll think, “Wow, how thoughtful.”

Key phrase #6: “You are a really generous person”
Many people, especially men, are quick with the compliments: “You have the most gorgeous eyes,” “You look beautiful in that dress.” Your date will love it, at first. But then the compliments wear off and so does their interest in you. What’s going on? Problem is, you’re focused on superficial qualities when people often prefer to be recognized for who they are on the inside. One’s personality, warmth, generosity, compassion—these things are permanent. So try complimenting an internal quality. Say something like, “It was so thoughtful of you to ______ (for example, “go out of your way to meet me here”), or “You are a ______ (fill-in with “caring” “honest,” etc…) person. I really like that about you.”

Key phrase #7: “I really admire that”
Everyone loves to be admired and loves to be around people who admire them. So, look for opportunities to make your date feel proud. If your date shares a story about how he took a risk, switched jobs and ended up in a better position, say something like, “That takes courage. I admire that.” If your date tells you a story about how he or she got a friend out of a bind, say “I admire that kind of loyalty.” How do you know your comments are winning your date over? You’ll see an instant smile.

P/S Oh, and if anyone of you caught me using one or any or all the above phrases, please don't think that I'm just being polite. These are smart tips and believe me, I'm the type of person that won't bother to ask if I don't want to know or don't wanna help or not interested. ;)

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15 Witty Lines You Should Know ;)  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

I think that some of the lines are quite corny, or "excusey", and if it's used loosely, may appear insincere.. But I also think that knowledge is power, and these can work to your advantage if use sparingly and spontaneously when people least expects it.

Dating Dilemma #1: You need to say something smart at a museum
"It's not what you see that is art—art is the gap." —Marcel Duchamp

Dating Dilemma #2: You're out with very well-read person
"I've given up on reading books. I find it takes my mind off myself." —Oscar Wilde

Dating Dilemma #3:You want to stop talking and start kissing
"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous." —Ingrid Bergman

Dating Dilemma #4: You'd really rather not share your feelings
"All the great pleasures in life are silent." —George Clemenceau

Dating Dilemma #5: You're not ready to commit
"Let there be spaces in [our] togetherness." —Kahlil Gibran

Dating Dilemma #6: You're trying to sway someone to be naughty
"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." —Katharine Hepburn

Dating Dilemma #7: It really is all your fault (My personal favourite)
"I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best." —Walt Whitman

Dating Dilemma #8: You've been caught in a big, fat lie
"There are no facts, only interpretations." —Friedrich Nietzsche

Dating dilemma #9: You don't want to accompany your date to a family get-together
"Absence is one of the most useful ingredients of family life, and to dose it rightly is an art like any other." —Freya Stark

Dating dilemma #10: You want to watch the big game tonight instead of Dancing With The Stars
"The spirit, the will to win and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur." —Vince Lombardi

Dating dilemma #11: You're at a restaurant where the service sucks
"What is the test of good manners? Being able to bear patiently with bad ones." —Solomon Ibn Gabirol

Dating dilemma #12: You're putting the moves on a platonic friend
"In the sweetness of friendship, let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures." —Kahlil Gibran
Dating dilemma #13: You're stumped for conversation during a walk through the park
"The earth laughs in flowers." —e.e. cummings

Dating dilemma #14: Annoying friends and relatives keep asking when you'll get married
"The trouble with some women is they get all excited about nothing—and then they marry him." —Cher

Dating dilemma #15: You're caught checking out someone other than your date
"The eyes are not responsible when the mind does the seeing." —Publilius Syrus

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4 Simple Steps To Meeting Someone  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

It’s all about being able to chat people up—wherever, whenever the opportunity strikes. Here’s a simple plan for doing just that.

Trick #1: Smile and wave
Don’t be afraid to use gestures that say, “I’d like to chat with you”—whether that means a smile, a nod, a wave or just eyebrows raised in expectation. Say you have to wait in line at a fast food restaurant, or waiting for your drinks to be ready at Starbucks, and you saw a cute guy, try smiling at him. People need encouragement that it's OK for them to come over and talk to you. I've done it many times before; and it always have a positive outcome. So take your chances, you may get new friends if not more ;)

How to practice it: Even though it may seem bold, smiling at strangers is the top way to let them know it’s safe to break through. Try it on everyone and anyone: The beleaguered workers at the post office, a harried mother in front of you at the checkout aisle, or even the toddler sitting in her cart. As you get used to being a smiler, you’ll start doing it naturally—including at the people you most want to meet.

Trick #2: Be the one to talk first...
Anyone can talk back to someone, but real people-meeters know the trick is starting a chat out of the blue. The secret lies in seeing the world around you as full of opportunities to talk, versus waiting to be spoken to.

How to do it: In order to break the ice with people you want to date, it helps to start with people you’d normally never speak to—say, the married guy in another department at work or a grandma at the bus stop. Since you’re not worried about whether they’ll shoot you down, you can truly be yourself and get used to talking to perfect strangers. You have to get comfortable doing it, or you’ll hesitate when you see someone in particular who you want to talk to. If you have to think about what to say or feel self-conscious, you’ll hesitate, and the moment will be gone.

Trick #3: Work your chit-chat charm
OK, what the heck should you talk about? The experts advise finding something that you two share—that could easily be something in your environment, like the weather or the huge new billboard that went up across the street. Or it could be something in the world around you, like a big verdict that was announced on the news earlier in the day or the fact that the next day is officially the longest day of the year.

How to practice it: Work on having an opinion or asking for the other person’s view of things, rather than just throwing a remark out there. So if you’re in the cereal aisle, don’t mutter to yourself, “Wow, expensive...” Turn to the object of your affection and say, “Wow, can you believe it? Almost six dollars for this! Is it just this brand or are they all so pricey?” Similarly, if you’re in line for lunch and the folks behind the deli counter are taking their time, don’t just say, “Gee, this line is moving so slowly.” Instead, try to get some playful banter going by saying, “I’ll bet you a little bag of chips that we’re not out of here by 1 P.M.” The idea is, open the door to a chat rather than just toss off a remark.

Trick #4: Then stop talking...
The secret of charming people around you is knowing when to stop yapping and start listening. People aren’t used to having other people really listen to them, so that’s how we win a lot of people over. So whether you're remarking about an old hit song that just came on or asking someone at Starbucks which shaker has cocoa and which has cinnamon and does it really make a difference; open the door to a chat and then shut it to hear what the other person have to say. The new acquaintance walks away feeling connected to you since you lavished on that personal attention.

How to practice it: Next time you start a conversation, make an effort to ask the person you’re chatting with at least three questions before making another observation of your own. That will get you in the groove of letting the other person open up to you... and make them feel appreciated. And when they feel appreciated, chances are, they’ll want to continue that conversation. ;)

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Easiest Makeup Tricks Ever  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Lip Service

1. Pick the right shade. What most of us do: Swipe a possible new color on the back of our hand to see if it flatters. A better idea, says San Antonio-based celeb makeup artist Starley Murray: Test the lipstick on your fingertip — that way, you can hold the color next to your face to see how it looks. (No mirror? Your finger is still a better gauge, since it's similar in color and texture to your lips.)

2. Get buff. For the prettiest finish, run your toothbrush over your lips to exfoliate any dry skin (a damp paper towel also can do the job). Post-scrub, lipstick will glide on without caking.

3. Fill in fine lines. Here's a way to keep lipstick from feathering (a great trick if you have tiny wrinkles above your upper lip): Coat your mouth and go slightly outside your lip line with a clear balm ‑- like plain ChapStick — before applying color. "Like invisible spackle," says celebrity makeup artist Shalini Vadhera, "it keeps your lipstick from traveling."

4. Extend the life of your lipstick. So you'd like your color to last through lunch, but you don't like the feel of long-wearing formulas? Here's a tip from makeup guru Laura Mercier: Apply a coat of regular lipstick, then press it with a single-ply tissue and powder lightly (over the tissue) with a puff or brush. This sets the color and prevents running and feathering.

5. Plump up. For a finishing touch, dab the middle of your lower lip with a bit of silver or gold lip gloss. Any makeup artist worth his shimmer powder will tell you this is the fastest route to creating the illusion of fullness. But remember: If you blot or purse your lips, you'll blur the Jolie effect.

Fresh Eye-Deas

1. Fight droop.
Lightly shade the area just above the arch of your brow with a nude or white liner and blend, advises Jo Davis, artistic director for Trucco Cosmetics. "This subtly lights up your face and creates the illusion of higher brows and lids, which is great for droopy or tired eyes," she says.

2. Smudge-proof your liner. Apply it with a pencil or a tiny brush, then trace over the line with a matching powder shadow. To make it last even longer: Wet your shadow brush with Visine first.

3. Make your eyes look larger. Place a lash curler at the roots of your lashes, then slowly "walk" it out to the tips, pressing as you go, says Sydney, Australia, makeup expert Napoleon Perdis.

4. Outsmart your mascara. Love the waterproof kind but hate wrestling to remove it? Celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose applies a coat of regular mascara first, then tops it with waterproof. "This way, the waterproof formula locks onto the other mascara instead of your lashes, so it comes off more easily — when you want it to," he says.

5. Widen your eyes. To look more refreshed, use white or nude eyeliner — but this time, below your eyes, not above. Pull down gently on your undereye and trace the line between the lower lashes and the inside rim. Stop before you reach your tear ducts.

Complexion Perfecters

1. Conceal flaws...strategically. A full face of foundation — or too much concealer — can look and feel unnatural, says Mercier. She advises using cover-up only where you need it (and, where you don't, letting your own skin shine through). Blend.

2. Try a soft touch. Your ring finger is the perfect tool for applying makeup, says Davis, because it's the weakest digit. The more powerful index finger may apply color too boldly or tug too much (hello, wrinkles!) on your delicate skin.

3. Look luminous. Every face has natural shadows, and you'll look better if you brighten them, says Craig Jessup, makeup artist for Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. To find the shady spots, he says, just smile at yourself in the mirror. "You'll see darker areas — like your Cupid's bow, under your bottom lip and at the inner corners of your eyes." To lighten those areas, dab on shimmery white eye shadow. Blend if necessary.

4. Give yourself a mini face-lift. Apply blush starting at your upper cheekbone (at the hairline near your ear) then brush across your cheek horizontally — not diagonally or downward — until you get to the center of your face. "You'll be thrilled to see the difference when your blush is darkest at the hairline and faded at the apples, instead of vice versa," says Murray, "because it's more youthful."

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60-Seconds Grooming Guide  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Droopy lids: To widen tired eyes, slightly darken and lengthen your brows.

Gray roots: Emphasize your hairline (which shows less gray) by wearing a loose ponytail or, for shorter hair, a headband.

Dull skin: For a quick flush, hold a plastic bag filled with ice against your face. Then maintain that glow with a cream containing retinol, a skin brightener.

Thin lips: Dab concealer a shade lighter than your skin along your lipline's outer edge and blend, it'll plump up your mouth.

Ragged brows: When there's no time for trimming, dip a brow brush in hair gel and swipe it on.

Rough nails: Even clear polish needs to dry -- so to create a pretty finish fast, buff nail surfaces. This will remove dead cells, leaving behind a high shine.

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My Friendliness Level :)  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Your Friendliness Score is 85 (Very Friendly)

You are an amazing friend. Anyone who has you as a friend is incredibly lucky.

And judging by how many friends you have, there are many lucky people in this world!

You can talk to people easily, and you often turn strangers into friends.

You are also a good listener. You are there for your friends when they need to vent, without judgment.

Overall, you have a genuine interest in people and their lives. And your friends can tell.
Taking time for your friends is very important to you. And because of this, you have lots of deep and meaningful friendships.

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Hair  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but your hair says a lot about you, too. Here's five easy ways to improve your hair in a hurry.

(1) Trim your ends.

If you blow-dry or straighten your hair regularly, chances are you've got damage along the bottom of your strands. A quick snip – even just a few centimeters – is the best way to nip that problem in the bud.

The ends of your hair don't get the benefit of our natural scalp oils so they are always going to be drier and more susceptible to breakage. So, prevention is your best course of action. Another tip: don't use blunt scissors on split ends. It further exposes your already damaged cuticle.

(2) Don't play with your hair.

You'd be surprised how that little nervous twirl around your finger can cause breakage. Experts suggest sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It may sound decadent, but silk pillowcases help prevent overnight tangles, a real boon for delicate hair.

(3) Be careful how you comb.

If combing your hair after a shower is a challenge, then do it while you still have conditioner on your wet strands. Use a wide-tooth comb, starting from the ends, gently comb your way to your scalp. Then rinse out the conditioner thoroughly. Your hair will look shiny and healthy when it dries.

Also, avoid metal combs, and never tease your hair to give it volume.

Backcombing can be extremely damaging, as it can lift and tear the hair cuticle, which is impossible to repair.

(4) Use color-boosting shampoos or conditioners.

It's tough to keep color-treated hair looking great in between treatments if you don't use products that contain silicone (which adds shine) and keratin. Keratin is particularly important because it helps repair the hair cuticles that are opened up every time you apply color. To really gild your hair, apply SPF protectant sprays before heading out into the sun.

(5) Boost volume and thickness.

Ask your stylist for a glaze treatment. It can be clear, or add a sheen of color. Glazes not only add shine, they bond to your hair strand, giving it a thicker feel and more texture. Many glazes can also be applied at home, saving you from visiting a salon every few weeks.

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12 Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

In an ideal world, you would have all the various makeup products you want, have the time and money to update them each season and have the skilled hand necessary to apply them flawlessly. But even if that’s not the case, there are simple fixes you can try to help correct the most common beauty wrongs. Here, the makeup mistakes many women routinely make, plus how to do it right.

1. Wearing too much (or too little) makeup.

Your makeup should be time and place appropriate—so what looks perfect for a big evening event shouldn’t be the same as what you put on to go to the grocery store or the gym. When you consistently overdo your makeup, you run the risk of looking like you’re trying too hard. Toning it down a notch—for a more natural look—will be a better option for every day. On the flip side, don't be so afraid of looking fake or overdone that you skip makeup altogether. The prescription for the perfect minimal makeup: A good moisturizer, under-eye concealer, blush, curl your lashes and add a sweep of lipstick or gloss.

2. Never updating your colors, products or techniques.

Still using the same eye shadow, blush and lipstick shades you fell in love with when you first started wearing makeup? Well, unless that was just last year, chances are you’re long overdue for a trip to the makeup counter. Just like you pay attention to which jeans are currently in style—and feel outdated if you’re still wearing bootcut when the look is straight-leg—you need to pay attention to makeup trends. That’s not to say that you have to toss and replace all your makeup every season, or that you have to wear bright red lipstick just because that’s what the models were sporting on the fashion runways. You can find ways to make the trends your own (perhaps swapping your circa 1990s brown-toned lipstick for a wine-colored stain if reds are in fashion) so that your face looks as stylish as your wardrobe.

3. Using the wrong color foundation.

You could have beautiful skin and perfect application technique, but if you’re wearing a foundation that doesn’t exactly match your natural skin tone, the results are going to look awful. By picking a shade that’s an exact match, you’ll make it very easy to get a flawless looking face. To find the right one, try on three—pick the one you think is the closest color match, and also try one shade darker and one shade lighter. Go to the makeup counter with no makeup on, and swipe the three shades in stripes that run from your cheek down to your neck. As you blend each one into your skin, look for the one that blends so effortlessly it literally just disappears. That will be your perfect match.

4. Over-tweezing (or ignoring) your eyebrows.

The brows are such a central and important feature on your face, and when they’re well groomed they can enhance your eyes and your entire look. If yours are out of control, it’s worth the time and money to let a professional take tweezers to them. Get a referral from a friend in order to find someone you know will do a good job. The worst thing you—or a pro—can do is to take off too many brow hairs. As we get older, the brows naturally become more sparse, so if you tweeze your brows too thin, they might never fully grow back. If you follow your brows’ natural arch—but clean up the areas over, under and between brows—you’ll find the best shape. Visit a pro for a tune-up every few months and you should be able to keep them groomed on your own in between.

5. Wearing a rainbow of eye shadow shades at once.

Just because your compact came with four or more colors packaged together doesn’t mean you have to paint them all onto your eyelids at once. In fact, use no more than three shades at a time—a medium shade on the lids, a lighter one to highlight the brow bone, and the darkest as a liner for the top and bottom lids. For a simpler, everyday application, you could skip the liner and just use a single light shade all over the lids up to the brows.

6. Not caring for your skin.

All the makeup in the world can’t compensate for skin that isn’t well primed. In order for makeup to go on smoothly and look its best, you need to think about your skin before you start to reach for your foundation or concealer. If the skin isn’t properly hydrated, your concealer will look cakey, your blush splotchy and your foundation won’t spread evenly. For dry skin, slather on a rich moisturizer or a face oil before applying makeup. Oily skin will look best if you start by washing your face with a cleanser that absorbs oil and then use a lightweight, oil-free lotion that will hydrate the skin enough for makeup to go on smoothly, but won’t make the skin greasy or shiny.

7. Choosing the wrong makeup for your skin type.

Just as using the right skincare will help your makeup look better, it’s important to be sure you’re using the right makeup formulas to enhance your skin. If your skin is on the dry side, avoid powder foundations and blushes. Creamy formulas will blend better, and if you have any fine lines or wrinkles, a cream will help smooth them over (as opposed to powders which can settle into lines and make them appear more obvious). Normal to oily skin should stick to oil-free liquids and powders. And it pays to reassess your choices every so often to make sure you’re using the right formula for the skin you have now: You may have had oily skin since your teenage years, but if you are now over 40, chances are your skin is starting to shift toward the dryer side.

8. Going to bed with your makeup on.

If you’re going to take the time to put it on, you’ve got to also take the time to take it off. Leaving your makeup on overnight can clog your pores (not to mention getting your pillowcase dirty), plus, if you’re not removing your makeup, you’re not caring for your skin by cleansing and applying an appropriate night cream. To make a clean sweep: Use a makeup remover pad first to get rid of eye makeup and anything else that might not come off with your face cleanser (like a long-wearing lipstick).Follow with your usual facial cleanser to finish the job.

9. Paying too much attention to one feature on your face.

There’s a fine line between enhancing your favorite feature and overdoing it. You don’t want to overcompensate so much that instead of seeing your bright, pretty eyes, all people notice is your elaborate eye makeup. The trick is to play up your eyes more subtly and then add a little makeup to the rest of your face. For instance, just because you don’t want to call attention to your mouth doesn’t mean you have to leave it naked. Use a pretty, natural pink lipstick or gloss so that it still looks well-groomed, if not eye-catching.

10. Trying to draw on larger-than-life lips.

You’ve probably read advice from a makeup artist who suggested lining your lips outside your natural line in order to make your pout look fuller. It’s not that it’s bad advice, but most women don’t have the technique to pull it off without looking silly. A more foolproof approach: Apply your lipstick or gloss first and then take a pencil (in the exact same shade as your lipstick or gloss) and draw a light, thin line just at the outermost edge of your mouth. The goal isn’t to make your lips look like you got silicone injections, but just to create the best version of what your lips can be.

11. Attempting to create contours that don’t exist.

Using darker shades of blush to try to brush on an optical illusion of more prominent cheekbones or a less prominent nose is a trick best left to professionals making someone up for photography or film. This is one technique that rarely works in the real world. No matter how skilled you are with the makeup brush, it’s nearly impossible to use dark colors that aren’t glaringly obvious when viewed in person, especially in broad daylight. Focus instead on pretty, soft makeup that plays up your best features.

12. Confusing concealer with cover up.

They may sound like they are intended to serve the same purpose, but according to Liebeskind, there is a big difference between the two. Concealer is what you use under your eyes to disguise dark circles and brighten the skin. It should be creamy in consistency and should be one or two shades lighter than your perfectly-matched foundation. Cover up—which should be used to camouflage blemishes or other flaws—needs to be exactly the same shade as your foundation. In fact, unless you want a treated cover up (designed to help dry up pimples), your foundation can double as your cover up. Use a small foundation brush to dab the product onto the blemish and set with translucent pressed powder.

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My Comments In Tun Mahathir Post  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

What Tun Mahathir posted yesterday in his blog Chedet on "Why Don't I Do Something" really caught my attention and made me input my comments. Since there are hundreds of comments for every blogpost made my Tun, I'm sharing my point of view with my dearest friends here...

My comments on Chedet.com on "Why Don't I Do Something"
Dear Tun, I really feel for you. I hate it when people ask "Why Don't Tun Do Something". At this time all you should worry about is your health, your family, and your ibadah. The others should give you a break. You have done what you could and still doing it. But I know how hard you must feel when the country that you so painstakingly build, is going to dumps. So fellow countrymen, please give Tun a break. If there's anything needed to be done or change it should be from our side from now point onwards.

As far as resigning from UMNO and (God forbid) going to other parties, I don't believe it's such a good move. If every good leader leaves, who else can make change?? A change can only be made by ourselves. That's why me & my fellow cawangan members are still there, in hopes to the change from the smallest part... If every current members have this kind of thinking, I really believe we could make change. We need each and every one of you! So please come back & fight together, and don't keep pointing fingers on who should do it. Allah bless.

Yes, I am pro Tun Mahathir, and have been admiring Tun since I am little (in my little known way). I waited to be 21 just to be able to vote for my country. But everything that is happening in the country nowadays has made me really really angry and really really sad... I worry about the future of my children if we still did not realize the impact. But nowadays youngsters are ignorant of what is happening and often think with their heart NOT their head. They are being driven by their own "hot-bloodedness" that they failed to see the impact of their action.

Fellow countrymen, stop complaining and do your part. And believe me, a "rusuhan" or "tunjuk perasan" is not the way. Throwing rotten eggs or drain water to other people has no point. What can you achieve?? There's no point in doing something that you know cannot achieve anything. So please... Take a good look at your life, pray for inspiration & guidance, and do something meaningful and clever, not stupid.

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