HOT & NEW Mobile In The Market! TV Mobile X300  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

I just got the TV Mobile X300 for my husband as his birthday present last night and it is AMAZING considering it's very AFFORDABLE price. It is SLEEK, SYLISH & SLIM. The TV Mobile X300 handphone comes in 2 colours -black & white and I bought the white one as it looks much more sophisticated and clean.

Here is a video on some of the main features of the handphone:

Main Features include:
(1) Touch Screen
(2) Dual SIM Card Dual Standby
- if you have 2 lines, you can insert both of the SIM card into this phone and receive calls from both lines! And to make an outgoing call, all you need to do is just select either 1 of the line and you're good to go!
(3) 3.2 MP Camera with Dual Cameras Function -most handphone only comes with 2.0MP. This handphone comes with front & back cameras & at 3.2 MP! A great deal if you ask me
(4) You can watch local TV & listen to radio without any additional charges! And you can record the show as well!
(5) Display Screen: 240 x 320 262K QVGA -wide screen for easy navigating

Other features: GSM850/GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900, Language Selection: English/Malay/Simplified Chinese, Battery 800mAH Lihitum Battery, Gravity Acceleration Sensor, MP3/MP4 Player, Bluetooth Support, and much more!

The TV Mobile X300 handphone package include:
(1) TV Mobile X300 handphone (obviously ;p hehe)
(2) 2 batteries for your convenience
(3) Travel charger
(4) Hansdfree
(5) PC Cable

Oh and it also comes with SIRIM certification and 16 months warranty for your peace of mind :)

Normal Price: RM450
Promotional Price: Only RM399.
A great bargain considering you cannot get this in any handphone shop in Malaysia ;).

I am also looking for distributors, so please call me if you're interested. I will give you a very good deal & business opportunity. :)

Until then, ENJOY!

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How To Avoid Spam In Your Blog With Akismet  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

This Tutorial is Part of Atomic Blogging (A Step By Step Guide to Blogging) by Alvin Phang.


What you see above are the number of Spam messages I get so far on my blog! It's HUGE! Aren't they annoying? To avoid and prevent all this spam you must use Akismet - A Free Plugin to avoid spam for your blog.

Before I start, Akismet is a free open source spam program online to help fight spam for wordpress owners.

Just follow the following steps to get started to prevent Spam on your blog.

To install & setup Akismet for your blog first you need to go to your Plugin panel in your Control Panel in wordpress found at http://www.(yourdomain).com/wp-admin/


Follow the steps above to activate Akismet.

Akismet Step 2

After you have activated all the Plugins you should see the above message just click on the link enter your API Key.

Akismet Step 3

To get your API Key, all you need to do is go to and sign up for a free account, the API Key will be email to you when you sign up a free account.w

Akismet Step 4

When you have sign up for a account you can find the API key when you click on My Profile. Example how a API Key looks like is fbd655933fa6. Please use your own API Key and don’t ever share your API it is like a password for you =)

Akismet Step 3

So once you got the API Key from, just key in the Key in the box and click on Update Options in your own blog!

Akismet Step 5

You will know you have successfully installed Akismet when the green word appear as above. And you are done! NO MORE SPAM for your blog!

To get more step by step tutorials, I highly recommend you click here to grab more tutorials. And you can grab a FREE Money Making Blog Worth $497 courtesy of Alvin Phang (creator of Atomic Blogging 3.0) just for looking! =)

If you have benefited from this tutorial feel free to share it and post it on your blog or comment below.

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I Fell In Love With These Blog Templates  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

I was browsing around on how to customize my current blogger template and window-shopping on wordpress templates for my next personal blog (as all professional bloggers says -if you're serious about making money with your blog, you gotta go with Wordpress), when I stumbled upon this site which have a collection of beautiful, professional-looking and high quality wordpress themes. Take a look at some of the templates their offering:

(1) ePhoto Theme
Simply beautiful and sleek. Suitable for photography loving bloggers. It has a featured, random and rated images in the footer sectionand it is fully widgetized. If you don't want put images there, you can remove it and put the widgets you want. When I saw this theme, I wish I am a photographer so I can display my professional work in this theme. Heh.

eatures include:
- Two Color Schemes -Black and Blue
- Integrated Blog Section -Along with your photos you can display normal blog posts in a different area of your website, complete with a blog-style post structure
- Advertisement Ready -you can place 125x125 banner images in your sidebar and 468x60 ads to your post pages with ease. Advertisements are handled from within wp-admin, and can be turned on and off at any time
- Widget ready sidebars

For full features see HERE

(2) eBusiness Theme

Features Include:
- Multiple Colours Scheme. This theme is available in 3 skins with 3 colours option each. So if you get bored, you can easily switch between skins and colours. It's that easy!
- Is actually a Web-Page theme with a blog option. BUT you can either use only the Page Structure or the Blog Structure OR you can use both! And it is easily switched from within your admin panel. No more spending lots of money just to buy a website template, this theme has it all!
- This theme also came with automated thumbnail resizing, advertisement ready slots and widget-ready sidebars.

For full details of this theme feature, visit HERE

(3) PureType Theme

This is by far my favourite theme. It is simple, elegant and clean with a magazine type of look, and a featured articles display where we can choose to feature our favorite posts on the homepage.

Comes with 3 colour schemes -White, black and blue, and the usual automated thumbnail resizing, advertisement ready slots and widget-ready sidebars.

Ideal for a professional-looking blog.

For full features see HERE

There are many other themes offered by Elegant Themes but if write about all of it here, it will a considerably long post! Hehe. So take a look of some of the snapshots of other themes offered by Elegant Themes:

What I like most about Elegant Themes:
  1. All themes are compatible with ALL major internet browsers! Opera / Netscape / Safari /Firefox / IE8 + IE7 +IE6. I don't know about Google Chrome because it is relatively new. But what I know is most people us either Internet Explorer or Firefox so, we're good to go!
  2. Compatible with Wordpress 2.8 (the latest Wordpress version)
  3. New themes added in from time to time. So you have more options. And top notch suport.
  4. Unlike other sites which offers premium wordpress themes, you can use Elegant Theme's theme on multiple sites and also you can use different themes on your different sites at only 1 very low payment!
  5. Very user-friendly. You can change the looks, colour, widget to be included from the admin panel very easily. Just click & change. Simple. :)
So head on to Elegant Themes now and get on your dose of these beautifully designed themes! I know I am. ENJOY!

P/S Stay tuned for the launch of my new blog :)

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9 Signs Your Guy Is Cheating  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Are you suspicious that your significant other is playing the field? Here, one man shares 9 relationship red flags that may signal some extracurricular irregularities.

By Rich Santo

When you get suspicious that your significant other is cheating, be careful not to appear to be paranoid. You have to walk a fine line -- you don't want to make false accusations.

So, while I'm sharing this list of cheating red flags, I concede that it's a tricky situation. It's hard to be sure if someone's cheating, but protect yourself: Be vigilant, and pay attention to your mind and spirit within the relationship. But, at the same time, be careful not to let anxiety lead the way because unnecessary paranoia will just drive your lover away. Here are some red flags that may signal that your significant other is cheating:

1. Less Sex
Unless he's Superman, he can only have so much sex. So, if he's getting it from another source, you might notice. Whether it's another woman or a porn addiction -- even if he's not cheating -- a decrease in sex signals serious issues in the relationship.

2. Jumpy Cell Phone Habits
In a perfect world, we'd be open about sharing our correspondence with our significant others. Most of the time, we trust that we don't have to worry about who is texting or calling them. But, if you notice that he is getting protective and/or nervous when he gets calls or texts, it may be cause for alarm.

3. Gushing or Talking About Someone Suddenly
You know that exhilarating feeling you get when you meet someone new and exciting? You want to tell the world about him. One of my exes began talking about a guy a lot near the end of our relationship -- he just always seemed to be at her social gatherings that I didn't happen to attend. Sure enough, after she dumped me, she began dating him.

4. Disconnecting
Even though relationships ebb and flow naturally, if you're sensing that he's drawing away from you, then there may be someone else. Emotional disconnection should be investigated regardless of whether it's caused by cheating. There's a problem if he's not laughing or seeming as passionate as usual. It's hard to spread love/passion between two people, so the person who used to have it will feel it slipping away if it's being given to someone else.

5. He's Pulling "Houdinis"
If he's disappearing, traveling, or unavailable to the point where you are starting to wonder, then he could be cheating. Also, these times tend to take on a pattern because it's tough to synch up schedules, especially in secret.

6. His Friends Are Acting Strange
His friends will certainly remain loyal to him in most cases. They will not let you know what's going on, but they will definitely be racked with guilt, and their behavior may change slightly when they are around you while protecting his secret.

7. He's Being Caught in Lies About Other Things
If you catch him in a lie, your trust will naturally be damaged. Don't hold a grudge -- forgiveness is a good thing. You can forgive, but don't forget. If he consistently breaches your trust, it's establishing a pattern of behavior that leads to cheating. Do yourself a favor: If he keeps lying, whether these lies are big or small, get out while you can and don't let him talk his way back in.

8. Been There, Done That
I always say: "Once a cheater, always a cheater." If he's done it before, he's definitely capable of doing it again. It has nothing to do with you, which is why you can't say that he cheated on his previous lover because she didn't keep him happy. Cheating is a self-serving act in which the cheater doesn't take his significant other into consideration. If someone is upfront with you that he's made mistakes in the past, maybe give them a chance --— but make it a long probationary period before you let your guard down.
9. Your Gut Tells You So
Don't ignore your sixth sense. People are gifted at sensing when something doesn't feel right. Whether there are red flags in your relationship that are clueing you in or not, if something feels off, don't ignore this feeling. Usually that suspicion is correct, and something intangible may have led to you figuring it all out.

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