Movie Review -Meet Dave  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

U, 95 mins

Genre:Comedy,Science Fiction
Director: Brian Robbins
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms, Elizabeth Banks, Judah Friedlander

What It's About

A massive fireball from space hits New York's Central Park and an ordinary man emerges unscathed. The man turns out to be a spaceship operated by 100 human-looking aliens who are one-quarter inch tall and seeking a way to save their planet.

My Intake

I don't really like Eddie Murphy so I'm not really excited to see this movie. But since I got free tickets, I might as well just watch it. I mean how bad can a comedy be right. Even if it is a "lawak bodoh", the least I can get is a laugh or 2.

Suprisingly, this movie is really funny and not overly done like other Eddie Murphy's movies. It is lightly amusing and sweet.

Watch it if you want a good laugh and want to ease out your stress.

Don't watch it if you're a heavy drama buff who don't appreciate a light-hearted, illogical, 'funtasycal' kind of movie.

I'm giving it:

***Be Smart. Save & Earn From Your Prepaid Reload***

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