Upcoming Event -Capoeira Brasil Oct '08 Special Workshop  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

Date: 23 -25 Oct'08 (3 days)
Venue: Celebrity Fitness Subang Parade

Chief Instructor:
Daniel Hemsworth (Professor Chumbinho)
Group Capoeira Brasil Hong Kong

Leading Assistant:
Harry Li (Tatu)
International Fitness Instructor
Martial Arts Fighter

*Light refreshments served for Saturday break
**Group photo for magazines and newspapers


Limited Places Available
Click here to register and pay online

Photos for Capoeira Workshop on 16 Aug'08

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A Night Of Disappointment  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

It has been like 13 days since my last post and the first thing you heard from me is disappointment news *sigh... I wanted to post something earlier, but what with the raya holidays combined with my internet connection that's very unstable and sometimes excruciatingly slow, had also contributed to my unwillingness and "malas" ness (laziness) to update my blog.

Anyway, back to my main story, just to make things clear before I start writing -it was a night of disappointment to me and me only -and not to anyone else. In fact to everyone else, it was probably the most enjoyable night ever and to tell you the truth it was kinda fun and entertaining. But to me, the night is the my most disappointing night of year 2008.
The Ladies of The V

Date of Incident: 10 October 2008
Event: Company 10th Anniversary cum Annual Dinner 2008

Why do I dubbed it as my most disappointing night of 2008? Let me count the ways:

(1) Even in the 1st correspondence for the night, my name has been left out. I got to know from my department colleague who so graciously sent me the mass mail for my reference. Seeing that it has some exciting events and competition lined up, I have submitted my name for the Karaoke Competition.
(2) Even though I have submitted my name in the Karaoke Competition and participation has been confirmed, SUPRISINGLY my name is still left out in the 2nd correspondence in regards to the dinner itinerary. Funny how my name is stated as 1 of the participants, but the email is not even copied to me.... But copied to all of other staff....

(3) To my horror when my colleague forwarded me the email -I am the first participant to perform on that night. Yikkessss!!!!!

(4) I am again missed out in another correspondence in regards to celebrating staffs birthdays which falls in Sept & Oct'08 at the same night. Not only am I not included in the communication, my name was also not stated as 1 of the "babies" celebrating birthday in Oct'08 (Yes friends, if anyone is taking note, my birthday is on 22 October ;)). Instead of getting pissed off, I just send an email to inform the admin that my name has been left out, and even got a reply back that they apologize and has put my name on the list

(5) On the night itself, being the first contestant, my heart was beating like a jungle drum for human sacrifice and I was sooooo freaked out that on 1 of the high notes, I lose control of my voice and it cracked. Arrgggghhhh!!! Thank God everything else went smoothly. I gave a somewhat professional and confident performance even though I feel like sinking through the floor. But what the h*** even if you've made a mistake, better do it in style right? Heh

(6) Not expected -my name is still left out when they're calling for the Sept & Oct "babies" on stage. Urgggghhhh!!! When I asked veryyyyy niceeellllyyy to the admin -she said she had submitted my name to the MC (cum my HR whose the person who actually left my name out in the first place) and when I ask the MC -she said that that is the list that was given to her by the admin. Heh.

(7) The result of the Karaoke Competition really put me off guard. I got 3rd place ONLY. What's that? I should be glad I hear you say?? Well maybe if I'm competing in One in A Million or Malaysian Idol. But it is very insulting to lose to average singers who sang a very non-challenging song and didn't bring anything unique to it like I did. Oh and did I tell you I'm the defending champion? Now I know how Siti Sarah / Dayang Nurfaizah felt when they got eliminated. :p

Anyway, I did ask the judges in their professional decision, what makes me not the winner -and they say it's because my voice cracked at 1 point and the others who won over me -did not, even though they're performance are so-so and average only. Heh. Well, to be fair, the guy who won 1st place was quite good, but the 2nd was really nothing special! I even checked the criterias in the score sheet and the marks is from 1 -5 for (1) Voice quality (2) Performance (3) Appearance (4) Crowd Response. And believe me, despite the 1 time voice cracked, I got the other 3 criterias down-pat. The crowd cheered like crazy and I was utilizing the stage like a pro. Whilst the ones who won just stand there looking at the screen. Heh. Now, do I have the reason to be pissed off and insulted or not? Nevertheless I still put up a smile, go on to the stage to take my prize (but not even pausing to pose for a photo -i just want to get it done and over with), and congratulates the other 2 winners. Oh well, there's still next year. Now that I know their capabilities, I will not give any of them to win over me ever again. ;) Muahahahahaaa.

Am I a sore loser? Up to you how to judge it. But I am not going to be a hypocrite and pretend that I am fine with it when I'm not. Oh but there's 1 good thing that came out of this night despite the 7 disappointing points -it put my name on the company map again (the company is growing bigger and bigger and we have a lot of companies in the group) and I made new friends with people from other companies. This, I'm quite happy.

So there you go. Me rambling about the most disappointing night of 2008. Since there's 2 months more to go in 2008, I really hope nothing else in the near future tops this night. There might be people whose going to post bad comments about this, but hey i'm just voicing out my frustration, and as long as it did not bring any harm to anyone, please don't be too hard on me and gimme a break OK? ;) Signing out for now, until the next post, Take Care!!

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