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Posted by Wanie Idayu

What Tun Mahathir posted yesterday in his blog Chedet on "Why Don't I Do Something" really caught my attention and made me input my comments. Since there are hundreds of comments for every blogpost made my Tun, I'm sharing my point of view with my dearest friends here...

My comments on on "Why Don't I Do Something"
Dear Tun, I really feel for you. I hate it when people ask "Why Don't Tun Do Something". At this time all you should worry about is your health, your family, and your ibadah. The others should give you a break. You have done what you could and still doing it. But I know how hard you must feel when the country that you so painstakingly build, is going to dumps. So fellow countrymen, please give Tun a break. If there's anything needed to be done or change it should be from our side from now point onwards.

As far as resigning from UMNO and (God forbid) going to other parties, I don't believe it's such a good move. If every good leader leaves, who else can make change?? A change can only be made by ourselves. That's why me & my fellow cawangan members are still there, in hopes to the change from the smallest part... If every current members have this kind of thinking, I really believe we could make change. We need each and every one of you! So please come back & fight together, and don't keep pointing fingers on who should do it. Allah bless.

Yes, I am pro Tun Mahathir, and have been admiring Tun since I am little (in my little known way). I waited to be 21 just to be able to vote for my country. But everything that is happening in the country nowadays has made me really really angry and really really sad... I worry about the future of my children if we still did not realize the impact. But nowadays youngsters are ignorant of what is happening and often think with their heart NOT their head. They are being driven by their own "hot-bloodedness" that they failed to see the impact of their action.

Fellow countrymen, stop complaining and do your part. And believe me, a "rusuhan" or "tunjuk perasan" is not the way. Throwing rotten eggs or drain water to other people has no point. What can you achieve?? There's no point in doing something that you know cannot achieve anything. So please... Take a good look at your life, pray for inspiration & guidance, and do something meaningful and clever, not stupid.

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"At this time all you should worry about is your health, your family, and your ibadah. The others should give you a break."

Ironically, after more than 50 years, we found ourselves need Tun more than ever.