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Posted by Wanie Idayu

Yup you heard me right. I’ve gone crazy! Book crazy that is. Yesterday, I have bought RM138.40 worth of books! :p I only got to write about it today coz yesterday the internet was down and so I can’t make post… Anyways there are 10 books altogether, and if you think about it, it’s a bargain coz on average, 1 book only costs like RM13++ , PLUS it’s tax deductible!! Huhu.

I bought it @a bargain bookstore named BookXcess where they sell previous years books at a very cheap price. Nope, it is not a “Rent-A-Book” or secondhand book shop. The books there are definitely first hand / new. Other than renowned names like Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, JRR Tolkien; they also have non-fiction, biography, self-help, love, kids, etc (the usual categories you would see @ a bookstore). The same books will still be sold at the same price @popular book chains such as MPH, Popular, etc. etc., even if they’re already outdated. Believe me, I’ve checked.

Anyway, check out the titles that I have bought:

(1) The Doomsday Conspiracy
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Published: 1993
Price bought @BookXcess: RM17.90
Summary: Commander Robert Bellamy, a Naval Intelligence agent, is awakened by a telephone call at 4:00 A.M., in which he is asked to report to the director of the NSA (National Security Agency). Once there, he is assigned the top secret job of locating ten people who were on a tour of Switzerland, who witnessed the crash of a UFO. After he uncovers a witness, they are brutally murdered by their country's government. Bellamy uncovers an international conspiracy. He is forced to play a dangerous game of hide and seek with the world's strongest governments, who are out to silence him because of the knowledge he possesses.

(2) The Sky Is Falling
Author: Sidney Sheldon (yeah I like Sidney Sheldon. Now you know. Hehe)
Published: 2001
Price bought @BookXcess: RM17.90
Summary: Revolves around Dana Evans, a TV achorwoman who finds herself involved in a series of killings of people from the same family.

(3) Are You Afraid Of The Dark
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Published: 2005
Price bought @BookXcess: RM17.90
Plot summary: Tanner Kingsley takes white-collar crime to new heights by using his billion-dollar think tank corporation to create a machine for himself, which can control the weather. Prima is actually the brainchild of Tanner's older brother, Andrew Kingsley, who heads up the Kingsley Group think tank. Andrew initially creates Prima in the hopes of addressing the environmental problem of global warming.
Andrew's brother, Tanner, is not as concerned with solving the world's problems as his older brother. Instead, Tanner dreams of turning the philanthropic Kingsley Group into a supercharged think tank devoted to earning profit and power. He is a megalomaniac of the highest order, who intends to hold the world hostage once.....

(4) Playing for Pizza (Hard Cover)
Author: John Grisham
Published: 2007 (Wow… This is quite recent)
Price bought @BookXcess: RM24.90
Synopsis: Cut from the Cleveland Browns after the worst performance in the history of the NFL, third-stringer Rick Dockery, desperate to play football, is hired by the Panthers of Parma, Italy, to be their starting quarterback and finds himself confronted by the confusing diversity of Italian culture, language, and romance.

(5) Drop Dead Beautiful (Hard Cover)
Author: Jackie Collins
Published: 2007
Price bought @BookXcess: RM24.90
Summary: It's all about Collins most popular heroine—the wildly beautiful Lucky Santangelo—still every bit as strong, sexy, and seductive as ever. But Lucky is older and wiser, and hot to reclaim her power position in Las Vegas. However, a deadly enemy from her past has resurfaced—a person determined to take everything from her, including the family she holds so dear: two sons and an out-of-control teenage daughter who is just as outrageous as Lucky herself. Like mother, like daughter. And if that old saying holds true, it's going to be one wild ride.

(6) Fearless (5-In-1)
Author: Francine Pascal (I used to love Francine Pascal when I’m a teenager)
Published: 2002
Price bought @BookXcess: RM34.90
“I am powerful
I am graceful
I am angry
I am pure
I am raw
I am alone

I am Gaia
I am just like you
But I’m not – I am FEARLESS
…a girl born without the fear gene”

The thing is, I have noooooo idea when I will be able to finish all 6 what with me juggling work, dancing class, gym class, movies, DVDs, housekeeping, going back to parents, wedding arrangement and normal TV!

Anyway, if you’re looking for bargain books like these, head on to:

L3-57, Amcorp Mall
18, Jln Persiaran Barat
46050 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-79560455
And nope, I’m not getting paid for promoting them :p

Or if you’d rather get bargain online, head on to:

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