Slim Down By Eating Healthy  

Posted by Wanie Idayu

I found this article in Malaysian Today and think that it's very useful, it made sense and not so hard to follow. While some of us are very lucky to have a high metabolic rate, most of us -not so much. So, try these tips for a healthier you.

Most of us want to be healthier but it seems to be too difficult. There's no time to go to the gym, you have no time to eat proper meals, etc. Well, improving on your habits is a great way to be healthier and suprisingly enough, it's pretty simple.

People dine out pretty often and he portions in restaurants are getting bigger and bigger! Try to cut down on the portion by sharing with a friend or by always ordering a small portion instead of the bigger one. And although it would only cost RM1 for a bigger portion, DON'T order it . You'll be doing your health and your waistline big favours.

Drink lots of water. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go and you'll find yourself drinking more. Water would be best. And you'll find yourself not getting hungry as quickly as you usually do as the water would fill you up

Eating high-fibre foods will fill you up for longer. Try eating as much low-fat and high-fibre foods that are low in calories but will leave you feeling full. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are great sources of these. They are also healthy and provide you with essential nutrients.

People who start the day with breakfast have higher energy levels than those who don't. It also helps that you don't get too hungry before lunchtime. Have a healthy breakfast of cereal and or fruits and you wouldn't gorge yourself during lunch.

Don't buy snacks if you can help it and try not to snack while watching TV. It is easy to finish a packet of chips while watching your favourite show without you even realising it. Keep healthy snacks in your fridge. Try snacking on fruits instead of chips.

Include more dairy in your diet to increase your calcium intake. This will help strengthen your bones and also reduce blood pressure. Drink more milk, have yogurt, cheese (but not too much) and other calcium-fortified drinks and foods.

You can actually save some money and also be healthier by bringing your own lunch. Sometimes, we just get so busy that skipping lunch just seems easier. Try making your own sandwich and bring a fruit along for dessert. With your healthy alternative, you won't need to go without lunch and ou won't also be tempted to buy that packet of fattening chips / chocolate! ;)

Wanie Idayu: Happy Trying and Good Luck!!

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Ayoo.. still not simple enough la Wanie. Better play futsal & badminton to keep fit & healthy. Bab makan2 susah sikit la nak jaga.

Haha betul jugak Encik Ismail! OKlah m changing to a more suitable title then that won't create confusion. Keeping fit & slim down are obviously 2 different things :)

interesting, can try for a week, btw do you provide warranty, at least a free dinner for those who fail...he he he

Setakat dinner tu takde masalah cik Tomyam oooii... Tp if mengikut blogpost ni anda hanya dibenarkan makan high-fibre food, minum susu & mkn buah. Segala daging-related cannot! Barulah menjamin keberkesanan program! Hehehehe

too much dairy for Asians are not good... unlike Europeans... our body system slightly different from them... :) anyway, this is a good info/article...

When I look at my dad, I feel that he is more fitter than me. I think those who were born in 60's, 50's , 40's etc. is more healthy than us yg lahir after 1970. Yg born after 1980 lebih susah utk kontrol diet becoz dah biasa makan KFC,Pizza, Cola and stuff like that.

Unhealthy diet ni like bad habit juga, so very difficult to get rid. Tambahan lagi, these days, kalau ada company meeting or dinner, we are serve dgn seafood, daging panggang, etc. Tak makan nanti kecik hati boss.

These are all good tips Wanie. Cuma on my part aje lah yg susah. Bad habitttt..... :)

nice tips and nice blog..wa..malaysian women blogger ah?why not using self hosted blog..get your own domain names?I will buy my second domain next week..hehee..wish me luck yeah?..