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Posted by Wanie Idayu

I was browsing around on how to customize my current blogger template and window-shopping on wordpress templates for my next personal blog (as all professional bloggers says -if you're serious about making money with your blog, you gotta go with Wordpress), when I stumbled upon this site which have a collection of beautiful, professional-looking and high quality wordpress themes. Take a look at some of the templates their offering:

(1) ePhoto Theme
Simply beautiful and sleek. Suitable for photography loving bloggers. It has a featured, random and rated images in the footer sectionand it is fully widgetized. If you don't want put images there, you can remove it and put the widgets you want. When I saw this theme, I wish I am a photographer so I can display my professional work in this theme. Heh.

eatures include:
- Two Color Schemes -Black and Blue
- Integrated Blog Section -Along with your photos you can display normal blog posts in a different area of your website, complete with a blog-style post structure
- Advertisement Ready -you can place 125x125 banner images in your sidebar and 468x60 ads to your post pages with ease. Advertisements are handled from within wp-admin, and can be turned on and off at any time
- Widget ready sidebars

For full features see HERE

(2) eBusiness Theme

Features Include:
- Multiple Colours Scheme. This theme is available in 3 skins with 3 colours option each. So if you get bored, you can easily switch between skins and colours. It's that easy!
- Is actually a Web-Page theme with a blog option. BUT you can either use only the Page Structure or the Blog Structure OR you can use both! And it is easily switched from within your admin panel. No more spending lots of money just to buy a website template, this theme has it all!
- This theme also came with automated thumbnail resizing, advertisement ready slots and widget-ready sidebars.

For full details of this theme feature, visit HERE

(3) PureType Theme

This is by far my favourite theme. It is simple, elegant and clean with a magazine type of look, and a featured articles display where we can choose to feature our favorite posts on the homepage.

Comes with 3 colour schemes -White, black and blue, and the usual automated thumbnail resizing, advertisement ready slots and widget-ready sidebars.

Ideal for a professional-looking blog.

For full features see HERE

There are many other themes offered by Elegant Themes but if write about all of it here, it will a considerably long post! Hehe. So take a look of some of the snapshots of other themes offered by Elegant Themes:

What I like most about Elegant Themes:
  1. All themes are compatible with ALL major internet browsers! Opera / Netscape / Safari /Firefox / IE8 + IE7 +IE6. I don't know about Google Chrome because it is relatively new. But what I know is most people us either Internet Explorer or Firefox so, we're good to go!
  2. Compatible with Wordpress 2.8 (the latest Wordpress version)
  3. New themes added in from time to time. So you have more options. And top notch suport.
  4. Unlike other sites which offers premium wordpress themes, you can use Elegant Theme's theme on multiple sites and also you can use different themes on your different sites at only 1 very low payment!
  5. Very user-friendly. You can change the looks, colour, widget to be included from the admin panel very easily. Just click & change. Simple. :)
So head on to Elegant Themes now and get on your dose of these beautifully designed themes! I know I am. ENJOY!

P/S Stay tuned for the launch of my new blog :)

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