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I was digging thru' the junk documents in my thumbdrive and I found this old blogpost of mine. In Friendster originally. Written on 9 Dec'05, but I'm re-posting it here so that I can re-share the experience.. Check it out...

9th December 2005

It has been so long since I jot down something here. But I just had the most refreshing conversation with a very wise friend of mine and I wanna share it with all of you.
This person is a very senior person (and wise, I may add again) in our company. I was having lunch with him today. And he talked to me about 2 things –How to be happy in life & in a relationship. He said all the feelings that we’re feeling is just a state of mind. Hence, if we’re bored with a person or bored with our lives, its all just inside our mind! And we are the only person that can change that. We are responsible for our own happiness. Happy conditions does not mean that we will be happy all the time. i.e. “If I have a lot of money (conditions), I will be happy or if I have a big car (conditions), I will be happy” But then, how come some people who have all that are still not happy? Because it’s all is state of mind. Therefore, in order for us to create happy conditions, we ourselves must be happy first. So we will have to change/adjust our way of thinking. Thus, a happy person will create a happy conditions. Need further clarification on the above? Set up an appointment with me, and we’ll talk this over the tarik. ;) Heh.

As for being happy in a relationship, he said that “Seek to understand, then, we will be understood”. Often we are so selfish as to tune our partner to our needs, when we ourselves are blind to theirs. On why are they reacting this/that way and stuff. If both of us practice this way of thinking & understanding, I’m sure that we will have a long-lasting relationship. Bored with the same person? It’s in the state of mind. We are responsible for our own happiness right? We are what we are today is because of our own doing. A cheater? A liar? Happiness is within ourselves. Don’t forget that & we’ll be happy wherever we are, whomever we’re with. Oh, & I tell you this –this man really knows what he talks about. Why? He’s been courting his current wife since he’s 16 years old, and now his 60 and still happily married. Never strayed away from his 1 true love. “But mind you!” he said, it’s not easy, it need working. We know, we see that there are a lot of beautiful people in this world, there’ll always be someone more prettier, more brainier, more interesting than our partner. But are we going to leave/cheat on our partner everytime we meet a better person? The choice is in our own hands. State of mind. We are what we are by our own doing. Remember? Heh.

I feel very blessed knowing all the people I knew. I love meeting people (as long as they’re not some psychopath or sex maniac! Eeuuuuwwwhhh!!). And to me if we really wanted to evolve as person we must be open to accept different types of people in our circle of friends. That’s how we grow as a person. Continuous improvement. Sticking to the same ‘ol circle will constraint our thinking and believes and self-development. Therefore if we wanna be a better person, to improve our lives; expand our circle of friends, and probably I’ll hear u guyz sharing your experiences and discoveries with me too!!

Have A Nice Day Everybody!!! =)

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This wise uncle (Uncle Tony) who shared his thoughts with me has already passed away in 2006.. Blessed his kind & generous soul....