5 Women Every Guy's Gotta Date  

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To all my guy friends, read this up!! (Girl frens are most welcome as well!!). It’s pretty interesting… ;) Heh. I would like to think I’ve each & every type in me, but which one do u think most reflects me? And which one(s) have you dated? Feedback please!!


Before settling down, these are the gals every man should date. Why? For the connection you two feel, of course, but also for the relationship lessons each one will teach you.With so many amazing women out there, how do you know which one is right for you? The honest truth is, you don’t really—that is, unless you get out there and date. The more relationship skills you learn and the more experiences you have, the more prepared you’ll be when true love finally comes. Of course, no one is saying you should go through life with a little checklist titled “Women to Date,” but spending time getting to know and appreciate these women can be a wonderful thing. Take a look at who they are and why you should go out with them.

Type #1: The Older Woman
If you haven’t tried dating up the age chain, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Mature women have been places, seen things, and have a sophistication and wisdom that you, my young friend, can—and should—soak up like a sponge. Older women know who they are and what they want. Spend time with one and you’ll gain a terrific perspective on life, and realize that being a desirable woman doesn’t mean being a woman younger than you are.

Type #2: The Guy’s Girl
Every guy needs to experience that rare breed of gal who looks and talks like a woman, but loves sports, beer, and action flicks—in short, who acts like a guy. The guy’s girl is often so similar to you that you forget to censor yourself around her—a good thing, because it causes you to be more comfortable around women in general. You’ll let your guard down more, just as you would around your guy friends. You’ll learn that women can offer you friendship that you don’t have to reserve for your own gender. We’re not saying you’ll be staging belching contests with all your future loves, but you will realize that there’s no reason to walk on eggshells around the person you’re dating. You can just be yourself—which is what all women want anyway.

Type #3: The Free Spirit
This girl always stops to smell the roses. Think Drew Barrymore, Goldie Hawn, Claire from Six Feet Under. She’s totally creative, spiritual, spontaneous—maybe a tad ditzy—and she relies more on instinct and inspiration than reason and good planning. Why is this good for you? Because let’s face it: Guys are goal-oriented. They like game plans and spreadsheets; road maps and instruction manuals. That’s why sometimes we need a free spirit to fly into our lives and shake us free of our rigid ways. A woman like this can tap a man’s creativity in ways no one else has. She shows him that not everything has to be perfect or planned.

Type #4: The Brainy Chick
In the dating game, looks often trump intelligence—guys go for hotties rather than girls who can stand their ground in a heated debate. This is really a shame, since not only can the sharp ones keep your mind from turning to putty, they can help you appreciate all facets of a woman and even handle those times in your life when you don’t know it all. Men are so often intimidated by smart women—they have vulnerable egos and never want to feel as if any woman is showing them up. Sure, dating a woman who can beat you at chess or argue circles around you about Middle East politics might be a bit of a blow to your ego at first, but ultimately, you’ll grow from it.

Type #5: The Seductress
Every man fantasizes about dating a girl who has an, um, healthy libido and is extremely creative in bed. The good news: These girls actually exist—and if you date one, you’ll be a much better man for it. But it’s not for the reason you might think. Every guy needs to get this type of girl out of his system. Because he’ll quickly realize that sex alone cannot sustain a relationship. It was cool at first, but soon he began to want something more. There was nothing else there, no romance and not much conversation. Sure, hot sex still ranks high on his wish list, but now you will want a girl you can also really relate to and bond with. And that’s a very valuable lesson. ;)

By Jonathan Small
Source: Match.com, Happenmag

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I would suggest to add in a 'Hot Chic'. No list is complete without this category. with this half dozen, I think a guy has pretty much covered all basses.

However, if this list is specifically for Malaysian, then i recommend adding in 'Europian Chics'as well.

But that's just me .... what do I know?

Wahhh you mean want to put Sarong Party Girls as well?

You've been quite around man.. Heheh

Did you rip that from a webzine? If you did... you probably want to cite it :)

I would like to suggest adding "The Drama Queen" and "The Psychopath".

Just because variety is the spice of life.